Elf FaQ


*Average Height:   1.5 Aln

*Weight:   3.5-4 vaag

*Adult Age: 112 years old

*Median Elf age at the Village:   687

*How Many Elves Make Toys?  On average there are 844 workers in the production room. 

*Wrappers: 100 wrappers are in the wrapping room at any given time. Wrappers work in shifts around the clock.

*How Often Do Elves Take Days Off?  All Elves in production, wrapping and design are off for 6 days directly following Julenissen's return.

 **  Note Elves in entry level jobs work year around in shifts.  These jobs are in cooking, maintenance, security, and social media.

*Do elves get married?  Elves typically get married once they reach the age of 200.

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