The finish line is within sight. 3 teams are left in the hunt. After a strong and commanding lead Anda Vaders have fallen to 3rd but still within sight of the red ribbon. DCP and The Equalizers are neck and neck and the amount of points between them are pretty unimportant.  They both have working behind the scenes and racking up the points.


The last stretch is completeing as much of the 10000 point Advent Calendar as possible, this will go all the way till the last day of the calender and Julenissen will reveal the winner on X-Mas Eve. 


The points awarded for each day will be revelaed no later than the 19th leaving 2 days left as a mystery.  Well not really if you are good at math.



Internet pictures do not count.  Strict inforcement

There are 100 Bonus Pts for the 2nd entry on ea Advent Day

All entries must be posted on the Group Chat

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